It defies gravity...

Fresh out of the shop is a new lugged road frame. It's so light that it just floats!*

This frame was built using Columbus "Spirit for Lugs" tubing (also known as "PegoRichie" tubing, as it was designed with input from the great Dario Pegoretti and Richard Sachs as a modern steel tube set made specifically for lugged frames). The lugs used are a modified Llewellyn set, with 6 degrees of top tube slope built in. 

The result is a classic steel frame with a modern feel, built with what now might be considered "double oversized" tubing (1 1/4" top and seat tubes, 1 3/8" down tube, and a head tube sized to accommodate a 1 1/8" steerer tube).  Large tube diameters impart stiffness and a snappy ride quality. The fork is an Enve Road 2.0 carbon fiber fork, painted to match the frame.

The seat cluster, shown above, is noteworthy in that it uses a glass fiber insert bonded inside the seat tube. This does a few important things: it reduces the inside diameter of the seat tube to 27.2mm (one of the most common seat post sizes), it adds strength to the seat cluster by acting as an internal gusset of sorts, and it prevents galvanic corrosion from forming between the seat post and the seat tube. The glass insert itself was sculpted to match the form of the lug after being bonded in place for a seamless appearance. 

Traditional lugged frame details abound, including these four-pointed water bottle boss reinforcements. These not only look pretty, but they add strength to the tube at a critical point (in the middle of the butted tube, where the tube is thinnest). The sparkly metallic paint was applied by Phil Harwood. 

These shots show the head tube lug profiles- all cut by hand. Shifter barrel adjusters are stainless steel and machined by Paragon Machine Works. The threaded shift bosses themselves are cast into the head tube lug, which works well for larger frames that will be built with modern integrated shifters. This particular bike will get 11-spd Campy Ergopower shifters.

As with all of my frames, each one is hand built in my workshop here in Brattleboro, VT. The cast and enameled head badge is the finishing touch. 

All of my bicycles are built to order. If you like what you see or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch


*This frame does not actually float. It weighs about 4 pounds, which is typical for one of my lugged road frames.