Joanie's Über-Commuter

As someone who really enjoys making things, I derive even more pleasure from making something for a friend. Joanie is a friend who lives and works in Portland, OR. She wanted a bike that could handle it all- rides to work, rides to the store, fun rides, wet rides, rides at night. This is what we came up with. 

Full-coverage aluminum fenders keep road spray from soaking the rider and dirtying the bike, and hydraulic disc brakes offer excellent braking performance in all conditions. 

Integrated LED lighting, run by a generator front hub, never needs batteries.  Wires routed inside the fork and frame tubes are protected from snags and the elements, and they look really clean too. A taillight mounted to the rear rack has a capacitor that charges as you ride, providing a few minutes of illumination even when you stop riding (at an intersection, for example) so that you remain visible.  

A wide gear range is handy for riding up and down the West Hills of Portland. An 11-36t cassette in back and a 34/50t crankset up front provide all the range needed. 

A dual-leg kickstand makes loading and unloading the bike easy, as the bike rests fully upright instead of leaning to one side. Leather washers placed between the frame mounts and the aluminum fenders provide a secure, quiet connection. 

Joanie supplied some of her favorite components for the build, including her well-loved Brooks saddle and Tubus rear rack.  

A steel basket up front is one of the most useful things you can add to a bicycle, in my opinion. 

Bikes like this make me extra happy because they are so practical. Ready for anything. Who needs a car when you have a bike like this? (And when you live in Portland?)

Thank you Joanie, and enjoy your new bicycle!