Fat Bike in Candy Hot Pink

This beautiful fat bike frame was recently completed for Dan R. Fully custom, all steel construction (like all of my frames), and painted in a special "Candy" hot pink! 

Wheels, tires and fork were provided by Dan for the build. I provided the rest, and the rolling chassis as shown was delivered to Dan so that he could perform the rest of the build himself. The carbon fork measures about the same length and rake as a Rock Shox Bluto suspension fork, so Dan can switch to front suspension someday without any ill effects on the bike's handling.

Candy paint colors like this require many more steps than a typical paint job. For this color, a metallic silver base was applied on top of primer, and then five coats of a special Hot Pink tint were applied on top of the silver. Then, my decals are applied and several coats of clear finish it off. The expert paint work of Bill McDonald is seen here. 

On bikes that will see mud, snow, slush and the like, I think a forward-facing seat tube slot makes a lot of sense. The back of the seat tube has no extra openings where water might make its way inside the frame as it splashes off the rear tire. 

4-pointed star water bottle reinforcements! These not only look cool, but they add a bit of strength to the water bottle boss where it joins the tube. 

Provisions for routing three cables are provided underneath the top tube: rear brake, rear derailleur, and a dropper seatpost remote. 

A thru-axle rear dropout system keeps the rear triangle rigid and makes disc caliper and disc rotor alignment simple. 

The rear hub sports an XD driver, allowing the use of a wide range, 11-speed cassette. The frame is designed for a single front chainring and no front derailleur. 

The bike is shown here with 26 x 4" tires, though it can also fit 27.5 x 3" tires, or even 29 x 2.2" tires. Ample clearance for all these tire sizes allows for lots of flexibility in how the bike can be built and ridden in the future. Similar wheel diameters among each of these three sizes means that the overall geometry of the bike won't change significantly from one wheel size to the next. Where 4" tires are great for snow, 2.2" tires will be ideal for cruising buff singletrack in the summer months, and 3" tires will excel on rockier, gnarlier trails where extra cushion and traction comes in handy. 

Thanks to Dan for the opportunity to build this frame!